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Specialists in hand oil painting reproductions

How We Paint Your Masterpeice

The Painting Process:

Here we describe the process of creating an Avenue Art masterpeice from a blank canvas to a finished masterpeice.

First Phase: Sketch

In the first phase of production our artists use pencils to sketch the rough outline of the painting onto the canvas. This outline allows an accurate composition of the painting for the next steps in the painting process. 

Second Phase: Background and Painting Undercoat

Following the pencilled outline produced in the first phase, our artists will now begin to add paint onto the canvas. With large brushstrokes, the pencil lines and basic shapes are followed and the background of the painting is also completed.


Third Phase: Adding Colour

For this phase the artist will start adding lighter and darker shades of colours to the painting. Objects in the painting will become clearer whilst the artist concentrates on producing the distinctive shades on the canvas.


Fourth Phase: Recreating the original techniques

Each of our artists are experts in their chosen field and so in this phase a the original artist’s technique will be used. So particular techniques and brushstrokes will be used to add the piece of work.


Fifth Phase: Finishing Touches

The final part of the painting process involves matching the entirety of the colours and shades of the paintings to the artist’s original work. Once this is completed a member of the Avenue Art team will review the work before it is sent to one of our satisfied customers.


Finished Painting



Every masterpiece created by our artists is hand painted using the finest materials available. This ensures the longevity and preservative quality of your painting. Our artists choose to use Blockx Artist Oil Colors. Five generations of chemists in the Blockx family have been working since 1865 to perfect the Blockx Oil Colors. We use 100% Cotton Canvas at a medium weight for all our paintings.


How We Create Museum Quality Oil Painting

When we present a strikingly similar copy of a well known work, customers are always curious about our style of working. How do we start on a particular painting and how do we give our last touch to the piece, everything is explained below. It is a 5 phase work that follows a definite pattern and technique until the art painting meets its destination. So, let’s take you for a colourful ride!

Phase 1: Sketching
Sketching is the most basic and the first phase of our work flow. Painters at Avenue Art gives an outline to the painting using high quality pencils. Minutest details are covered in this phase which makes it possible to fashion the oil painting accurately.

Phase 2: Background and Painting Undercoat
During this phase our artists concentrate on developing the background as well as add paint to the shapes drawn on the canvas with large brushstrokes. Separating subjects skillfully from each other and from the background is achieved in this phase.

Phase 3: Adding Colour
Following the background and painting undercoat, our artists will undertake the task of colouring to the painting. Our artists start adding lighter and darker shades to the elements of the painting to give a line of distinctness to all the objects that fill up the canvas.

Phase 4: Recreating The Original Techniques
We have the best artists in our firm and each of them has unmatchable expertise in their respective fields. We follow the authentic technique and brushstrokes used by the original painter to give the oil painting genuine touch.

Phase 5: Finishing Touches
This is the final phase of oil painting reproduction flow at Avenue Art. In this phase our artists work on intricate outlines with colours and shades that are used in the original painting. Once the final touch is given to the piece, one of our team members reviews it and then send to the customer.