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"The quality is simply amazing, frame looks great too! Thanks"

Samantha Colling (Dorset, England)


"The painting quality surpassed my expectations, stunning"

Sheila Medel  (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


"The quality is beyone belief, it looks exactly like the orignal and was such a good price, I cannot wait to hang this on my wall"

Dan Dean (London, England)

"One of my all time favourite paintings, now sitting on my wall. Thank you so much Avenue Art"

Eillen Marshall (Monaco, France)

"Love my painting with the frame"

Martina Murphy (buckinghamshire, England)


"Looks amazing on my wall, just like the orignal. Thank you, great service also"

Betty Lang (London, England)


"Love it! Such high quality for such affordable prices, thank you"

Anna Swain (Vienna, Austria)


"Simply wonderful and delivered before the estimated lead time!"

Christopher Herbet (Paris, France)


"So happy with my purchase from Avenue Art"

James Middleton (London, England)


 "I have fallen in love with my painting, thank you Avenue Art"

Marissa Care (Bristol , England)


"Fantastic service, couldnt be more pleased with my painting, will definitely order again"

Archie Bucknell (London, England)


"Thank you avenue art, I cant wait to have it on my wall. What quality you deliver!"

Jessie Heade (Woking, England)

" I love my painting and my frame, thank you Avenue Art"

Alex Dean (Manchester, England)



"What a fantastic reproduction, I am so impressed with the quality"

Jane Smith (Dorset, England)


"Fantastic, thank you so much"

James Taylor (London, England)


"I absolutley love it, as good as the orignal"

Anna Holmes (Edinburugh, Scotland)


 "Looks amazing on my wall, thank you Avenue Art, I will be back soon"

James Dunmore (London, England)


"Fantastic service and looks great, arrived within 21 days and all hand painted to order"

Sarah Mullen (London, England)


 "I havent put it on my wall yet, but after opening my masterpeice I was taken back"

 Leah Smith (Manchester, England)


"The picture looks so good in my kitchen, this was a custom order and you guys nailed it"

 Matt Hampton (London, England)

"This was a custom order for me and my Husbands wedding. Came out better than I could of imagined"

 Pippa Wells (Nevada, USA)

"Bought this abstract art from Avenue Art, brings fantastic colour to my wall in my bedroom"

 Shea Daniels (St Ives, England)


"I absolutley love this painting with the gold classic frame, well done Avenue Art, fantastic quality"

Robert Silva (London, England)



"I love this modern picture on my wall. Will definetley order again soon."

Lauren Dean (London, England)



"This is my second painting now and I am amazed with the quality and likeness to the original. It is as if the original artist created another masterpiece just for me."

Charlie Matthews (London, England)


"We are extremely happy with the high quality reproduction of our painting and the black classic frame. It's a thing of beauty."

Jerome Godin (Amsterdam, Netherlands)



"Great service. Masterful painting. Highly recommended. I will return for more paintings. Absolutely superb and great high quality frames . Thanks"

 Paul Hickling (London, England)



"We are very happy with the quality of our painting. It is very beautiful and the centerpiece of our living room. We are also quite pleased with the service we received."

 James Dinsdale (Southamton, England)


"Stunning work! This was my fifth painting that I have ordered. Again, I was so pleased when I received the painting."

Laura Smith (London, England)


"I am absolutely delighted with the painting. It is a beautiful reproduction of one of my favorite works. I love it with the black classic frame you supply"

Jade Linn (Madrid, Spain)


"The painting is very good. The colours were perfect and the technique was very perfect. 

 Ron Hancock (London, England)


"Painting is terrific, just as I imagined it."

Lisa Stone (London, England)



"Just a quick note to say thank you for the fantastic job your artists have done.
My painting looks incredible. Well done"

George York (Durham, England)


" I have used these guys for a second time and both times I was very satisfied with the end result. The work that goes into these paintings is clearly top notch. Every detail of the original photo we submitted was captured."

 Collin Chapman (Brussels, Belgium)


"My painting is better then I thought and it is already in my special frame. It is perfect. A million thanks for a wonderful painting. I hope you will allow me to order another painting in the future. I am glad we were able to make this work."

Zoe Frankis (London, England)


"What a work of art. I love my new painting."

Trisha Smith (Amsterdam, Netherland)



"The painting was received in perfect condition. It still smells of fresh oil paint. The colours are vibrant"

 Niels Kitcherman (Berlin, Germany)


"This is my second painting now and I am amazed with the quality and likeness to the originals. It is as if the original artist created another masterpiece."

Sam Johns (London, England)


"My Son loves this paiting in his room, really happy I chose you Avenue Art!!"

Samantha Grey (Brighton, England)



"I have always wanted an oil painting, to see the detail and to know that it was hand painted. My expectations were exceeded 100%."

 David James (Cardiff, Wales)



"The process was very efficient, I was kept in touch with progress and then the dispatch. The picture was as good as expected. I had ordered this first quite simple picture as a test. Very satisfied and have ordered another."

 Anna Clarke (Manchester, England)



"Fantastic. Delivery as promised before Christmas, Fantastic communication and a fantastic product. My husband will be so happy with this peice of Art on his wall."

Sarah Marshall (London, England)


" I orderd the kiss with the regular black matt finish they have on their website. I absaoloutley love it, the detail is incredible and is a real centrepeice of my house"

Laura Helen (London, England)



"I'm very happy with the painting Paris by Camille Pissarro. It is perfect, artistic and very much close to the original. My friends also appreciate it very much."

Chris Smith ( Nottingham, England)


 “We are very pleased with our replica of Pink Peach Tree by Vincent Van Gogh. The artist who copied it did an impeccable job and the painting looks wonderful on our wall.”

Celio Garcia (Cannes, France)


“Avenue Art is simply the number one place to purchase oil paintings. Almond Blossoms by Vincent Van Gough quality compared to the original is quite simply stunning."

Christan (Wismar, Germany)

"We decided to try out Avenue Art for 1 painting first as we wanted to have a few made. The quality of the materials and work is very good, so we'll definitely use the service again to order more paintings."

Jack (London, England)



“I bought 3 paintings, 2 of them were very large. They are beautiful. The colors are bright with a very nice texture. They look just like the originals. Avenue Art have always exceeded my expectations!” 

Alex Grey (London, England)



 "Very happy with this work. It was custom made and they did a great job. Very professional. Thank you. Highly recommended."

Heather Grey (Durham, England)


"I love my Irises in my gold frame by Vincent Van Gogh. We will definitely recommend to others and also use them again to buy other paintings" 

John Glynn (Dublin, England)


"My painting is even better than I could ask for! Avenue Art was very responsive when I was hesitant about the original size that I chose and offered excellent advice. I'm so happy I found Avenue Art, my painting is perfect" 

Kaspar Koppel (Berlin, Germany)



"The painting matches my expectations, I've tried other artists, but always was unsatisfied, Avenue Art painters do the job as they are promising. Thanks a lot."

Sam Smith ( London, England)


"Superb in every respect - on time, high quality and most pleasing. The high level of service experienced by customers of Avenue Art is most pleasing and I can easily recommend this service to anyone wishing to purchase a high quality art product."

Jade Hellen (Cowes, Isle of Wight)



"The painting is magnificent. It makes an incredible statement when you walk into the foyer of our office. I am so extremly pleased."

Marivon Ellen (Morzine, France)



"I have previously purchased the Cafe Terrace at Night by van Gogh and I was extremely happy with the oil painting I received, 10/10. It looked like an exact replica of the original."

Jerome Gontand ( Vienna, Austria)



"I couldn't be more pleased with my painting. It is truly a masterpiece. I love it. I submitted a picture that I wanted painted. I didn't know the artist and it wasn't in their gallery. I wasn't sure if they could do, but they did, and ahead of schedule. It is fantastic, thank you"

Tom Bellord ( Northampton, England)


"We found and purchased a beautiful Klimt .The painting came in the promised time and exceeded our expectations. We have had it framed and we simply love it. We would not hesitate to recommend Avenue Art to anyone and have, in fact, told many relatives and friends already. The colors are stunning and it truly is representative of the original. We are sure that we will be be purchasing another in the future."

Claire Barker (London, England)



"This painting was every bit as beautiful as the picture of the original and the attention to detail is amazing. I love it"

Mark Robson ( Dublin, England)


"Good service and very satisfied with the painting. Very impressed with the delivery and how I was able to track exactly where the painting was, on its journey here. There is nothing else I want to say other than I may use you again in the future."

Benzer Cornelia (Brussels, Belguim)


"I am very happy and excited to have purchased this great painting. It's amazing the detail achieved. The painting is very beautiful, I am delighted with the professionalism of Avenue Art."

Dr Bilali (Glasgow, Scotland) 



"Paintings were awesome and there were no difference from the original once viewed from the website.
It was delivered within the timeframe mentioned. Tracking system was really helpfull."

Rik Strubel (London, England)



 "The painting arrived just as promised, very professional and exactly as presented on the web site."

Jack Smith ( Durham, England)



“I received timely updates on progress and shipping. I will use this business again for a personal project. 
I am a very happy customer.” 

Marvion Clarke (Barcelona, Spain)


“I ordered my favorite painting, Ginevra De' Benci by Da Vinci, from Avenue Art. I was skeptical for many reasons but went ahead with the order. The ordering process was easy, there was great communication throughout the process, and it was delivered on schedule. When it arrived, I was amazed at the incredible quality. I ordered the exact same size painting as the original and I feel like I have a masterpiece in my home. It is identical to the original.”

Hannah Davis (London, England)



“Thank you indeed. You proved to be very reliable and professional. The painting is marvelous the colours are identical to the ones I chose. A great piece of art” 

John Reynolds ,(Dublin, England)


“It arrived and it is lovely. Thank you and we will do more business with you. Claire West Orr from Interiors by Claire West”  

John Reynolds ,(York, England)



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