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Specialists in hand oil painting reproductions

Sample of our Artists

Below our some of our fabulous artists at Avenue Art who bring your wonderful masterpeices or custom orders to life. All our artists our highly skilled individuals, who have years of experience between them in oil paiting reproductions. If you are interested in becoming an artists at Avenue Art please send us an email to

       Claire Mendez



 - Born in Italy, Claire has over 15years experiece of oil paiting reproductions. She excels herself in the styles of Romanitiscm, Surrealism and Reinassance. Her favourite artist is John Waterhouse.




       John Davies

-Born In London, John has over 25 years of Oil Paintings reprodcutions. His love for art came through both his parent who thmesevles were artists. Johns favourite style of paitings our Baroque and Cubinism. With his favourite artist being Johnanes Vermeer.




     Raymond Smith



-Born in London , Raymond graduated from St Martins in 2007. He has over 10years of Oil Paitining Reproductions. He Speicalises in Expressionism and Impressionism style of paintings. His favourtie artists is Edgar Degas.



           Sue Wynn



 -Born in Northampton, England, Sue has been recreating oil paitings for the last 11 years. She speicalises in Art Noveau and Realsim. Her favourite artists is Vincent Van Gough. 




         Andre Angielle



 - Born in Paris, France. Andre has been paniting oil reproductions for over 15 years. He specialises in portrait paiting. His favourite artists is Amedeo Modgliani.





       Toni Ruff



-Born in Munich, Germany. Toni has  been recreating oil paintings for the past 12 years. He specialises in Abstract paitings. His favourite artist is Leonardo Da Vinchi not just for his art but for his creativity.